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How to Get Started?
  • Complete the IMOV online application. (Included your EIN #)
  • Once approved, complete a W-9. (W-9 form is required for all businesses)
  • Provide proof of articles of incorporation, company website, and company email.
  • Purchase your IMOV Back Office Travel Plan.
  • Assign an administrator and/or main contact personnel within your organization to handle all business travel for employees, management, customers, and family.
  • Complete all training required by our preferred partners within the first three (3) months to receive travel discounts and maximize your plan.

Who Can Join?

  • Small to midsize businesses that are actively registered in their state and hold an active EIN #. (We currently accept applications from S-Corp, C-Corp, or LLC's. Some restrictions may apply for LLC's. Email your questions for more info.) 

  • Companies within the U.S.A.

  • Great for IT companies, banking, insurance, real estate, auto dealerships, retailers, construction/developers, manufacturers,service companies, etc. 

Is Every Company that Applies Approved?

  • No, all information provided by an applicant is verified to ensure that we offer our programs to businesses that truly qualify for our services.

  • Only a certain number of plans in each category are available per year, so once the number of plans have been purchased, all new applicants will automatically be added to a waiting list until the next open application date has been scheduled. 

  • Services are not prorated and must be renewed within twelve months from the date of purchase. Failure to renew your plan within the renewal period may result in the loss of access to all services, your account being closing, and the application process beginning again.  

Is IMOV a Travel Network Group?

No, we are not a travel network group. IMOV (I'm On Vacation) Travel Group is a hosting agency that offers back office travel services to small businesses and works directly with hotels, resorts, cruises, car rental companies, and other services, to help businesses take control of their travel needs and save money. We value our relationships with our preferred partners, which is why all applicants go through an approval process and are required to abide by a Code of Conduct, to maintain access to their plans. Since our members receive a professional travel card and many of the same benefits as a travel agency, all standard training provided by our preferred partners is required to be completed within the first 120 days from the date of purchase, to continue your services. Applying for a membership does not guarantee approval and all required information must be provided for consideration (EIN#, contact name, company address, proof of company registrations, years in business, website, email, etc).  We only offer a certain number of plans each, so once the plans are purchased new applicants will automatically be added to our waiting list until the next open application date(s) are scheduled. 

What is My Commission & Booking Requirements? 
  • Enjoy a low $800 commission requirement over 12 months. (Based on your chosen plan)   

  • No sales thresholds to qualify for commissions paid up to 40%. 

  • You choose who you want to book without penalties! (No penalties for booking with non-preferred suppliers)

  • Commissions are paid quarterly, so you may get money back when others travel. (Commissions may vary or may not be paid out based on the discount received at the time of purchase. Please review requirements prior to purchasing your travel, for more details)

How Do I Purchase My Plan?

  • Once approved, you will be assigned a representative to help you through the purchase process, give guidance on how to setup your accounts, and answer any questions you may have.

  • All plans are paid by company check or money order to: I'm On Vacation Travel Group

  • All plans purchased are final and non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be reassigned to an individual or company.

  • Once a professional travel card has been assigned to a person, the name, photo, and company cannot be changed. Each plan comes with a certain number of cards, so if additional travel cards are needed, the organization can pay the difference and upgrade their plan within the first 30 days from the date of purchase. (See Terms for more details)

Business Travel Consultant Training for All Members
  • Weekly webinars featuring suppliers and business tips. (Provided by preferred partners)

  • Monthly Marketing Expert Teleclasses. (Hundreds of hours of recorded teleclasses provided by preferred partners)

  • Monthly Mentoring  Q & A calls. (Provided by preferred partners and/or IMOV)

  • Invitation to IMOV's Annual Business Travel Workshop(s). 

  • Industry Travel Network Conferences. (Provided by preferred partners and/or IMOV)

  • Access to awesome FAM opportunities. (Provided by preferred partners)

  • Weekly newsletters with business tips. (Provided by preferred partners and/or IMOV)

  • Monthly business development tips. (Provided by preferred partners and/or IMOV)

Business Travel Consultant Support & Technology
  • E & O Insurance. (Offered by some preferred partners, at a discount. Check partner websites for more details)

  • Professional Travel Cards. (Upon approval of your application and paid plan)

  • Responsive agent support teams. (Provided by preferred partners)

  • Itinerary building tools through our preferred partners.

  • State-of-the-Art booking tools through our preferred partners. (Provided by preferred partners)

  • Renewed Annual Plans with IMOV, so you can continue to enjoy your travel benefits. (Must abide by IMOV Terms, Policy, Code of Conduct, and meet the $800+ annual commission requirement for your plan, to qualify) 


 IMOV Bonus

  • Two Free Tickets to Sea-world Theme Parks. (Must complete all online training provided by preferred partner to qualify)

  • One Free Ticket to Universal Theme Parks. (Must complete all online training provided by preferred partner to qualify)

  • One Free Ticket to Disney Theme Parks. (Must complete all online training provided by preferred partner to qualify)

  • Access to Marriott Hotels World-Wide. (Unlimited bookings once online training is completed. Discounts on personal and business hotel bookings)

  • Access To Starwood Hotels World-Wide. (Unlimited bookings once online training is completed. Discounts on personal and business hotel bookings)

  • Option to purchase additional access login + Professional Travel Card. (Additional fees apply)

  • Special discounts on cruises, airlines, hotels, resorts, car rental services, and much more!

How Do I Become an Alliance Partner?

​Looking to make a little extra money? Then, become an IMOV Alliance Partner and receive up to $50 for every referral that purchases a travel plan. As an independent representative, you work on your own time. For more information on how to get approved as an Alliance Partner, complete our online application. *Restrictions may apply. Approved Alliance Partners must complete a W-9 form and provide proof of citizenship within the U.S. All alliance partners are independent and not an employee of IMOV. All taxes and fees required by the IRS are the responsibility of the individual or company. See Terms for more details.  

*Some restrictions may apply. See Terms for more details. All businesses or individuals must be approved by IMOV prior to purchase. For more information or to request a call back from a representative, please complete the online application form. Due to the type of discounts receive at the time of booking, some travel may not qualify for a commission. Please read all details before making your purchase. All fees for IMOV Plans are non-refundable and plans are not transferable. Once a plan has been purchased, the account cannot be reassigned or changed in any way.  Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For more information, send your request to: info@imov360.com.

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