Vacation Property

A vacation property can be good investment for a business. Owning a second home or vacation property can help you fully experience what the locales have to offer, learn more about others market, and possibly expand your business. Before purchasing a vacation property, consulting your CPA find out if the property will make make a good investment for your business.  


Real Estate Partners

Our partner provider for real estate is S.R.C. Realty. With over 20+ years of experience in residential, commercial, and vacation property, their Real Estate Concierges are knowledgeable, professional, and can help you through the buying or selling process. With a network of brokers throughout the U.S., their team of experts can help you find the best vacation property for your business and within your budget.  

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Luxury Property 

For our luxury buyers, we work directly with the broker or developer to help you design your dream home and make the right investment for your portfolio.  Enjoy exclusive island communities and countryside living in some of the best locations throughout the U.S.

Homes, Villas, Condos, & Commercial Property


Get more exposure for your vacation home or commercial property by marketing at IMOV Properties.  


*Some restrictions may apply. See Terms for more details. All businesses or individuals must be approved by IMOV prior to purchase. For more information or to request a call back from a representative, please complete the online application form. Due to the type of discounts receive at the time of booking, some travel may not qualify for a commission. Please read all details before making your purchase. All fees for IMOV Plans are non-refundable and plans are not transferable. Once a plan has been purchased, the account cannot be reassigned or changed in any way.  Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For more information, send your request to:

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